MACE LEAF <br>  (Jalbatri)
MACE LEAF <br>  (Jalbatri)


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MACE LEAF (Javitri) 100g

MACE LEAF (Javitri)/Spice


▼MACE LEAF (Javitri)

An orange lace-like foreskin that covers the nutmeg fruit. It features an exotic sweet stimulating scent and a mild bittersweet taste. Mace has a more refined scent than nutmeg.

▼how to use

By adding heat, the pungent odor is weakened and the sweetness is enhanced. For fruit-based desserts, the mace is better than nutmeg, and the combination with cinnamon is suitable. Used to add scent and eliminate odor. It is especially good for minced meat dishes, and it can be kneaded with meat to remove the smell of meat.

Cooking examples: Curry, meat dishes, various vegetable dishes, baked goods

raw materials】 MACE

【Net】 100g

【Expiration Date】Described on the product exterior


【how to store】Store away from direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity

After opening, store in a cool and dark place